Art and Craft

Jen thoroughly enjoys spending time with family and friends sharing the joy of creating using a variety of different media and formats. Jen also gains a great deal of enjoyment from exploring and expressing her emotional growth and relationships through art and craft projects. Please check some of them out by clicking on the links below.

Magazine Articles


For a detailed look at Jen’s creating space when her children were young check out this article from Scrapbook Creations No 15 at myscrapspace

Like most photographers and scrapbookers Jen enjoys capturing and sharing the emotions of her subjects:


Above from Scrapbook Creations No 16

littlebookof feelingsJen used a selection of photographs of the many different emotions her two year old daughter expressed to make a little book for her daughter to read and learn about emotions and feelings.

To find out how to make one for yourself check out Handmade Vol 21 No 4 pp 88-89 at Little Book of Feelings

Left from My Reflections Vol 2 No 10 p 7



Jen also uses art and craft to process her own emotions and share them with others.


Above from Scrapbook Creations No 11 p 62


Above from Scrapbook Creations No 10 p 28

To learn more about using sewing on your scrapbook pages and cards like Jen has on the page above check out Jen’s instructions in Scrapbooking For Beginners 2 pp 34-35 at sewing project